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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The next four years in the presidency of America will have a direct effect on the year 2012; America is compose of peoples from around the globe and though settled by white Christians, America has emerged as an entity inclusive of the human race in her entirety. The next president will preside over 2012.

There has always been a religious aspect to the presidency—all, but JFK were Protestant. Religion has come to play a large part in American politics and to have a president without strong religious ties could help facilitate change. But, it must not be forgotten that religion also has an agenda that coincides with a timetable, like the Mayan calendar ending on 2012.

Also, the ancient Hebrew calendar which still has a couple of hundred years left before it ends, conjuncts at 2012 with the historic integer, 5772 regarded as a significant number with cabalistic ramification pertaining to the conclusion of a cycle in which Rome plays a major part. According to the Jewish mystics Rome was to have 2000 years of ruler ship over the earth—Rome’s time has expired; the state-church government having reached that juncture, conquering the world going undefeated just as prophesized. Included in these prophesies is the notification that the last king of Rome will be known by the Irom/Naked because of embarrassment. Bush in Hebrew means embarrassment.

Rome was fathered by Esau, twin brother of Yaakov father of the Jewish People. Esau had established 12 tribes which ultimately became the force which took land from the ancient Etruscans and built Rome; Yaakov established the 12 tribes of Yisroel on the promised a land; Ishmael uncle to the two twins also fathered 12 tribes which became the Arab People populating the Middle East. These three forces are about to collide into what is hoped by the Evangelical Christians as Armageddon—the destruction of the Jewish People and the subsequent subjugation of the world by the cross.

The Mayan calendar foresaw a galactic cycle that for the purposes of the earth ends in 2012—the last year of the next president’s term. In these coming years for the safety of the earth the human being must learn to look beyond politics; the world has been led to the edge of the cliff, but we can change direction for the safety of the world.

For two hundred years America has been led by an errant vision full of death and destruction; presently young people have been herded into a mercenary military to fight wars which never needed to be fought. America has become rich and arrogant through these excesses. The next president will stop the war, isolating Israel among angry neighbors as the prophets said: in that day the nations of the world will surround Israel like 70 wolves. That day is very close to 2012.

There is a cataclysmic force coming to the earth that will bring about world peace, the number 5772 provides a huge window for this event, but the enemy is not finished fighting they still plan to stage their own event—Armegedon. It will be good to have a president who can see the difference between truth and dogma.
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